Magnetic Stacker with Double Station


Magnetic Stacker with Double Station

Is a stacking line for carbon steel formats and it is located outlet of cutting shear.

  • Formats conveyor from the shear to the stacker.
  • Formats stacking on exit cars.
  • Automatic displacement of exit car for stacks transportation.
  • The conveyor is composed for two belts with a length to be fixed case by case according line requirements.

Magnetic Stacker with Double Station The first belt next to shear is an expanding type design, enabling shear knife replacement.

The second conveyor is a fix length belt. The speed of this conveyor is higher than the conveyor next to shear to get the required gap between formats for correct stacking.

The stacker has two separate and independent stations and each one is equipped with 03 magnet stands with an automatic positioning system on width direction. Each station is designed for formats stacking according production length requirements.

Magnetic Stacker with Double Station

Each tailback position is controlled by means of encoders.

The programme has a feed back positioning data memory for all formats sizes according production requirements.

The stacks exit by means of exit cars.

General characteristics for a representative case:

Type of Stacker start/stop
N║ of stations 2
Sheets shape rectangular
Surface type / quality flat
Magnetic metal yes
Oiled yes
Max. format length 3000 mm
Min. format length 400 mm
Max. format width 1500 mm
Min. format width 300 mm
Thickness of formats 4 mm

Metal coil slitting, cut to length lines and packaging and stacking lines

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