High Speed Electronic Shear


General Description:

The equipment is designed for formats feeding with programmed production lengths and is composed of:

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  • Mainframe structure made in fabricated carbon steel and anchor bolted to the basement.
  • Chock stands for rolls, assembled on the mainframe structure.
  • Roll chocks fitted with precision bearings. The top chocks have vertical motion. it is equipped with balancing bar for parallelism and operated by pneumatic cylinders.
  • Carbon steel rolls of low inertia type, coated with Polyurethane of 90▒5 degree Shore. Also available are coatings with Hard Chrome and other hard metals with shot treatment at central area of rolls.
  • Bottom pinch roll equipped with back-up supporting flight rollers, preventing any bending of shaft of the roll (not applied on roll with soft covering).
  • C.A. drive motor equipped with vector frequency converter and fitted with precision transmission with "0" gap tolerance( without backlash).
  • Pulse generator and measuring wheel fitted on drive motor or on metal strip.

Main characteristics:

Rolls diameter mm 200
Rolls width mm Up to 2000


General Description:

The shear has a special design for Downside to Upside cutting motion. It is operated by electric motor with converter control system.

Note: Conventional Pneumatic Clutch system is not used any more in Electronic shears, because electronic system permits increase of processing speed without any maintenance troubles.

Mainframe base structure is of fabricated carbon steel and assembled on the base frame with the bridle rolls and it is equipped with:

  • Housing stands and blade support frame - carbon steel fabricated and stress relieved.
  • Bottom blade support frame is operated by motor and eccentric's shaft.
  • The top support frame comprises of a pair of precision mating wedges for GAP control, with visual index.
  • Set-in mechanism for cutting blade support located at the bottom side.
  • Four lines cutting blade design.
  • Bottom blade with butterfly cutting line shape ( X line shape ).
  • Eccentric shaft , driven by A.C motor with vector frequency converter.
  • Gearbox equipped with tempered and grinded gear and parallel shafts.
  • Centralised and automatic lubrication system for all components at working motion.

High Speed Electronic Shear Double Drive Guillotine & Pinch Rolls (illustrative photo)

High Speed Electronic Shear Double Drive Guillotine & Pinch Rolls (illustrative photo)

Main characteristics:

(*) Other required thickness available

Shearing capacity mm 2000 x 3 (*)
Cutting speed seconds 0,1

High Speed Electronic Shear High speed electronic shear (advert photo)

High Speed Electronic Shear Double speed control Drive (advert photo)

TABLE OF PRODUCTION - Standard rates (*)

(*) Other rates requirement available

BLANKS LENGTH mm. N░. of FORMATS / Min. (Working Capacity) PRODUCTION SPEED Mts. / min.
150 120 18
300 108 32,4
400 96 38,4
500 85 42,5
600 78 48,6
800 63 50,4
1.000 56 56
1.500 52 78
2.000 41 82
3.000 30 90
4.000 22,5 90
5.000 18 90
6.000 15 90



(*) Available for Other required dimensions. To be agreed with customer

  minimum maximum
Formats Length mm 150 (*) 3.000(*)
Formats Width mm 400 (*) 2.000(*)

Standard Tolerances average. (For formats length of </=2000 mm.))

Length +/- 0, 15 mm
Diagonal +/- 0,5 mm

High Speed Electronic Shear Detail of Pinch Rolls of Electronic Shear (advert photo)

High Speed Electronic Shear Double Drive of Pinch Rolls and Electronic Shear (advert photo)


Equipment name Power kw Speed r.p.m. Quantity
Pinch rolls 22 0-1000 1
Shear 25 1000 1

High Speed Electronic Shear Electronic Shear for stainless steel strip of 1500 x 3 mm (advert photo)

High Speed Electronic Shear Double Drive of Electronic Shear (advert photo)


Item Advantages Disadvantages
1 Higher production rates for lengths lower than 600 mm. Slightly Lower production rates for lengths between 600 - 1200 mm.
2 Similar productions rates for lengths higher than 1200 mm. Similar productions rates for lengths higher than 1200 mm.
3 Higher accuracy & precision & quality on Diagonal dimension. Better square quality of finished products.
4 Half power consumption than Rotary Shear.
5 Lower noise level because clutch system is not required.
6 Cutting motion is from bottom to top side. No scratches on stacker.
7 Lower maintenance required.
8 Higher performance rate when "Heavy Duty Service" is required because mechanical concept of Electronic shear is better adapted for metal strip cutting motion than Rotary system.
9 Lower Price.
10 Metal strip must be stopped when cutting.
11 Strip loop is required in Rotary also to get similar square precision like Electronic Shear.

High Speed Electronic Shear Detail of Precision Coupling "0" backlash type of Electronic Shear (advert photo)

High Speed Electronic Shear Drive of Electronic Shear (advert photo)

Metal coil slitting, cut to length lines and packaging and stacking lines

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