Flying Shear

The equipment is design for cut-off to length the band according sheets production programme once has been synchronized the speed of the shear with the speed of the band.

On the mainframe bank, made in fabricated carbon steel and tension relief.

Are assembled the following components:

  • Crops removing roll, elec. motor driven and equipped with lifting motion by hydraulic cylinder.
  • Idle rolls cradle and driven band conveyor for formats removal equipped with lifting drive to prevent band marking.
  • Flying shear for cut-off the band, travelling on rollers up to its speed has been synchronized with the band speed.
  • Top knife support shifting on bronze guides it is driven by eccentric's shaft, wheel and low inertia clutch.
  • Travelling A.C. motor drive equipped with precision gearbox.
  • Safety mechanical stroke ends and limit switches.
  • Special design four line edge knife.
Flying Shear Flying Shear Flying Shear

Main characteristics of a representative case:

Eccentrics shaft speed rpm 100
Cutting - off capacity mm 2000 x 10
Cutting main motor power Kw 22
Max. travelling length mm 1.000
Travelling motor power Kw 48

Metal coil slitting, cut to length lines and packaging and stacking lines

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