Coil up and downender machine


Rolling Machine composed by tilting table with lifting motion for picking up slit coil from turnstile capstan and lay it on with axis at vertical position.

  • Machine structure fabricated on carbon steel, machined and assembled on motor operated rollers for displacement.
  • Top table with lifting and tilting motions equipped with motorized chains for coils output to the main rolling conveyor. here is a claw type device to pick up the coil from inside diameter. "Claw" with programmed stroke motion, according to slit coil width dimension.
  • Vertical motion of "claw" device to fit several inside diameters of coils, operated by means of hydraulic cylinder.
  • Control of coil presence and coil conveying by means of photocells system.
Coil up and downender machine Coil up and downender machine Coil up and downender machine

Characteristics. Representative example:

    min. max.
Outside diameter of coil mm 1000 2200
Inside diameter of coil mm 508
Width of coil mm 20 500
Max. Weight of coil Tn. - 5
Displacement speed of machine m/min - 12
Output speed of coil m/min - 15
Displacement motor power Kw. - 2,2
Coil Output motor power Kw. - 1,5

Metal coil slitting, cut to length lines and packaging and stacking lines

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