Coil removal car station

General Description:

Coil removal car station

Slit coil removal car station, from recoiling mandrel to strapping capstan enabling the operation of belting the coil all over around.

For maintain the narrow coils at standing position and avoiding them to lateral fall down the car is equipped with a top pressing arm with adaptable and grooved "Piano type" key clamps enabling to strap the coil, if required.

The car composed by:

    Coil removal car station
  • Main frame body in fabricated carbon steel, assembled on 4 wheels with a couple of them motor driven. Four bearing supported rollers. Car drive by electrical geared gear box.
  • Car coil V shaped cradle with lifting device operated by a hydraulic cylinder guided on machined grooves and tempered rolls supported on bearings.
  • The cradle is plated with synthetic cover for coils sensitive surface protection.
  • The pressing arm is sliding on bearing rollers in machined guide groove and operated by hydraulic cylinder.
  • Clamps for narrow coils fabricated in synthetic material and spring operated.
  • Electric cable drag chain type as safety flexible carrier system.

Main Characteristics. Repesentative example:

Weight capacity max. mm 2000
Lifting strocke, aprox. mm 700
Car travelling length, aprox. t 25
Max. O.D. of coil mm 4000

Metal coil slitting, cut to length lines and packaging and stacking lines

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