Strip tension unit

Braking and Tension units

General Description:

This equipment is designed to get uniform tension of slit strips during recoiling operation. The machine is tensioning, at the same time all and each of strips, recoiling them tightly and without any clearance in between.

This machine is composed of :

  • The carbon steel fabricated bottom body bank assembled to recoiler frame and it is anchor bolted to basement.
  • Double set of shafts equipped with splitting discs.
  • Top press roll for recoiling strips, operated by hydraulic cylinder
  • Bands tensioning pneumatic device with pressure control and hydraulic opening..
  • Felts change by auto-adhesive quick-change system. (PATENTED).
  • Deflector roll covered with polyurethane of 90 +/- 5 Shore degree. This roll has a coupling device for Line tachometer dynamo connexion.
  • Threading table which conveniently retracts with hydraulic cylinders.
  • Cambio de fieltros, mediante sistema autoadhesivo de cambio rápido (patentado).
  • Rodillo deflector inferior fijo recubierto de poliuretano a 90 ± 95 Shore. previsto para acoplamiento de dinamo tacométrica de línea.
  • Rodillo deflector superior posicionable en altura, recubierto de poliuretano de 90 ± 5 Shore.
  • Mesa abatible para facilitar el abocado de los flejes en el mandrino del enrollador.
  • Uña de enclavamiento para arrastre del carro de formación del doble bucle.
Detalle de Tensor de enrollado Detalle de Tensor de enrollado Detalle de Tensor de enrollado Detalle de Tensor de enrollado

Main characteristics of a representative machine:

Nº of splitters shafts Nº m 2
Diameter of deflection roll Nº m 2
Face width of the rolls mm 350
Deflector roll table mm 1200
Max. thickness of processing strips. mm 1,6
Number of speed steps 2
Speed m/min 75/150
Power DC Motor kW 100
Thickness of strip slitting (maximum) mm 8

Metal coil slitting, cut to length lines and packaging and stacking lines

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