Slitting shear systems

Slitting shears with tooling capstan The slitting shear function is sheet cutting on required width strips and edge trimming by means of circular cutting tools.

Cutter and tool change on the slitting shear is fully automatic and housing lock at working position is made by means of special "Rigid Clamp" system developed by CINSER.

The change over of the used cutting tool set on the slitting shear arbours can be done:

  1. 1. Manually in or outside the slitting line.
  2. 2. Semi-automatically.
  3. 3. Fully automatic.

Slitting shears with tooling capstan

The main characteristics of the Fully-Automatic tool change system are:

  • High accuracy of slitting knife arbours.
  • Store prepared three sets of cutting tools.

Tooling capstan features:

  • Fabricated steel frame with turntable system.
  • Four coupled arbours for tools presetting.
  • Hydraulic motor rotary drive.
  • Shear arbour sets docking system.
  • The cutting tool set is changed on the tooling capstan by a hydraulic pusher plate system.
  • Driven motor for overlap adjustment.
  • Tool clamping by automatic hydraulic system.

The fully automatic tool change time is shorter than 5 minutes.


Applied Technology as for High Precision Machine Tools

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The typical service application:

  • Strip material as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, cooper and alloys of mentioned metals.
  • Material strengths up to 1000 N/mm2.
  • Strip widths up to 2500 mm.
  • Strip gauge from 0,2 mm. up to 6 mm. (max. 15 mm). Working speed up to 500 m/min.

Shear Edge

Slitting shears with tooling capstan. Slitting shears with tooling capstan.

For cutting damaged edges under required tolerances and with minimum burr.

The trimmed scrap is guided through hoppers to a scrap chopper or scrap baler with a trim storage pit.

Metal coil slitting, cut to length lines and packaging and stacking lines

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